Monty 2.0

Monty 2.0

So, it was time to upgrade our faithful Monty for a newer version or Monty 2.0.

New Monty 2.0 is a Burstner Nexxo T690G which we collected from Emm-Bee motorhomes. Who were very helpful and knowledgable.

The differences to old Monty are a lower profile body so better fuel economy. A fixed 2 berth bed so no more having to make the beds each night. Also a  garage to store everything which the Escape lacked.

On the day of collection it was unfortunately a very wet day, but luckily the handover was done undercover. Jason our sales rep spent about 2 hours showing the various intricacies of the new motorhome. A lot to take in but with the help of some videoing and the excellent manual supplied by the manufacturer we hoped everything should be ok.

Our maiden voyage began! Everything seemed well built with no sound of creaking or rattling that we had found on our journey back from the Swift dealer with our escape 5 years back. Driving was similar, if not better than the last vehicle. Tyre size of 16inch rims also helps give a better ride quality.  As mentioned on our drive from the dealer and then later back home, the rattles and creaks are virtually non existent in comparison to the swift.

We spent that night and the following at Burrs country park caravan & motorhome club site some 15 minutes away, to check everything was working ok and so that if we had any problems we could pop back to Emm-bee motorhomes. We then spent several hours unpacking and deciding where to put things. We also kept going through the manual checking on how things worked, as we had already forgotten some of it.

Up a couple of steps and we head up the bedroom. The 2 single beds were very comfortable (extra piece can be added to make a transverse double). Be careful not to sit up in bed too quickly or you may forget the overhead cupboards and bump your head. The beds can also be propped up if you want to sit up in bed. Under the beds are a large cupboard and wardrobe.
The kitchen is small but functional. One slight criticism is that the oven is smaller than the old one was and it doesn’t have temperature markings – just a dial. On the plus side the fridge is a lot bigger than the Swift one we had. A large pull out drawer unit offers plenty of storage.
Sat in the lounge area the front captain seats swivel round so you can seat 4 even 5 people. The skylight above the captain seats along with sunroof let in plenty of light and makes the van very airy. The seats were all comfortable and had extra cushions.

The bathroom is awesome. In normal mode it is a loo and sink with a good size cupboard under the sink and a slim storage unit above the toilet. Then you unfasten and swing to reveal the shower unit!

The lighting throughout is a good mix of bright and ambient lighting. A nice touch for those of us that pop to the loo in the night is a light switch above the bed which switches on a small light on the steps and a little light in the bathroom. Thus safely lighting your way for a nocturnal visit, without disturbing your partner or waking yourself up too much with a bright light.

The model comes with a built in pioneer head unit which has dab and normal radio, cd, sat-nav and rear camera view built in. Oh and joy of joys we can listen to the radio which was very hit and miss with signal in the Escape.

On returning home we had our Titanium alarm system from Outsmart the thief ltd, which we had transferred from our old vehicle,  fitted to the new Monty.

The next thing is sorting a spare tyre and a steel rim – like most new vehicles these days you don’t get a spare, just a pump and some tyre gunk to plug the hole.  This is fine in most circumstances but if you look at your recovery company’s small print about tyres, you may incur extra costs for a tyre company to come out plus cost of tyre. So better to have a spare.

4 thoughts on “Monty 2.0

  1. Hi…really enjoyed your summary. We are coming over from NZ next year to travel and this is one of the vehicles we have identified as ideal. So will be looking forward to any updates you have. Personal question and you dont have to answer but could you give us an ideal of driveaway costs of buying this vehicle as being overseas it is hard to work that out and we are trying to work to a budget…like most people I guess. Any advice will be thankfully received.


    1. Hi Paul & Denise,

      Thank you. Cost re driveaway varies on if part exchanging or if a cash buyer (Presumably they would give some discount for a cash buyer) otherwise the price quoted is the price to driveaway including road tax. You would of course need to get insurance. You would also need to buy a gas bottle, a 12v electric hookup lead, bed sheets and pillows, and a pipe to connect to a tap to put water into the tank. Then what other crockery, cutlery etc you want. Hope that helps.

      We hope you have many happy travels too. Keep in touch.

      Kind regards and happy motorhoming,

      Paul, Sally & Monty.

  2. Hi.
    We too have just bought a Nexxo T690G. We are delighted with it. A very different living and travelling experience to our old Swift caravan. We are learning to abandon our old way of travelling to a site and staying for 6 days and using the car to go out and about. Now it is 2 days maximum at any site and use the van, public transport or our feet to travel about the area.

    One problem has been the step accross the middle of the van. Sheila had a very dangerous fall backwards. I have had a couple of nasty trips. We now constantly remind each other to “MIND THE STEP!”

    Only other problem, apart from the boiler on “boost” smelling like a bonfire in a fish factory has been the lack of a spare wheel. I am trawling breakers yards to find one for less than Burstners £450 pricetag. No luck so far. Where will you be looking for yours?

    We do hope you have many years of happy travelling with Monty2.

    S and S

    1. Hi Simon & Sheila,

      We too started off with a caravan but found after 3 years a motorhome was more spontaneous as if you are passing a place that takes your interest you could call in but a car and caravan it wont fit in most visitor car park. Plus the motorhome is far quicker and easier to setup – 10 mins and you are relaxed. Saves on arguments too.

      Yes I should have mentioned the step as my wife has stumbled down it twice so far – thankfully forwards so managed to put her hands out to save herself. We haven’t put the boiler on boost yet but hopefully the smell will soon disappear. Only other thing we have yet to sort is plate storage – wish it had a plate rack in the cupboard like our old one. Also very please with the amount of electric points and usb points.

      Sorted a spare tyre from a local garage I use for servicing our car – a Fiat steel wheel £110 + vat (118 size – had problems sourcing as other rim types not available until June/July!) with steel bolts ( 5 x£8.45+ vat !!) and a Michelin agilis tyre £140+vat same as fitted (again hard to source as tried a few other tyre garages and told they couldn’t get stock till May!). Yet only ordered the day before with them and got it lunchtime the day after! Total cost £361 – Ouch but needed before our trip.

      We hope you have many happy travels too. Keep in touch.

      Kind regards and happy motorhoming,

      Paul, Sally & Monty.

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